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I am thrilled to have the opportunity to have my Boykin, Brier Creek's Mosby's Raider, bred and trained by Marty Griner at Brier Creek's Southern Kennels.  Marty's calm but assertive manner has earned him the name "The Boykin Whisperer" and is just what my MoMo and I needed. Marty is emotionally in tune with my dog and has been able to get the best out of her at each and every step of the way. I am so impressed by BCSK and Marty that I worked on this website for them so more people will know about how great Marty and Teasha are with dogs and their owners.
Courtenay O.

Sending my Springer Spaniel to Brier Creek's Southern Kennels was the best decision I ever made. Marty is a wonderful trainer who is very patient with learning puppies and inexperienced owners. He was there to answer all questions and concerns while Ruger was with him and even after he came home. Ruger's abilities to perform as a gun dog and family dog are truly amazing. I would highly recommend Brier Creek's Southern Kennels to anyone looking for a great dog.
Josh Moody  

I always heard buying a puppy from a reputable breeder was worth the the time and money. This could not be more true about Brier Creek's Southern Kennels. They shared with me the experience of breeding the bitch all the way through the puppy going home. I was quick to realize the training was not only for the dog but also the handler and they have been there to answer any questions and help with any problems . I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks Marty & Teasha!
Patrick and Cassie Wagner

I have nothing but praise for Marty Griner at Brier Creek's Southern  Kennels. Jeb, my Boykin Spaniel, has done or is doing everthing Marty promised me he could do. What impresses me most is how he handles dogs  and that Jeb works the same for me at home as he does for Marty.  I just wish I had the talent that Marty has for running a dog at a hunt test.
Donald T.

I have worked with Marty at Brier Creek’s Southern Kennels for about 4 years with my Boykin Spaniels. We have done day training, in-house training, upland training and young dog training. What it boils down to with Marty is doing whatever it takes to make you and your dog successful. We have run HRC hunt tests and Boykin Spaniel field trials with Marty by our side. Whether we pass or fail, he offers the encouragement and training we need to get back out there again! Brier Creek’s Southern Kennels is a family run and family oriented training facility…let them make you a part of it!

Andrea S.

Marty Griner has great respect for both the dogs and their owners.  His expertise turns out extremely well-trained hunt dogs and family pets.  
Rich R.

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