Mitchell’s Bourbon St. @ Brier Creek JH


CH SHR Mitchell’s Bourbon St. @ Brier Creek JHR SHUA NR


Marty Griner

2078 Sylvan Lake Drive
Grovetown, GA  30813

706 - 830 - 1912

Brier Creek’s Southern Kennels

Marty Griner

2078 Sylvan Lake Dr

Grovetown, Ga 30813


Stud Fee Contract



CH SHR Mitchell’s Bourbon St. @ Brier Creek JHR SHUA NR

(JAM at 2017 Upland Nationals)

Health Clearances

Hips: Fair

Cardiac: Normal

Eyes: Clear

EIC: Clear

Collei: Clear

DM: Clear



We require a negative Brucellosis test before a natural breeding.  Any vet fees that are acquired during the breeding such as progesterone test or an artificial insemination are the responsibility of the owner of the dame.


Bourbon’s stud fee is $1,500.00 or price of puppy; which ever is greater.  There is a $250.00 breeding fee that is due upon breeding when female is picked up.  The balance of stud fee will be due before the papers are signed on litter.   This is a breeding fee and is not contingent of pregnancy.  We have a 3 registerable puppy live litter guarantee.  If the female has less than 3 registerable live puppies then the stud fee is the $250.00 breeding fee.     


All litters sired by Bourbon will carry an LP for the following health requirements on all offspring:

Hips: Fair or Better, Eyes: Clear, and Cardiac: Normal



1st Tie Date & Length                                    2nd Tie Date & Length

______________________                                    _______________________

______________________                                    _______________________


Marty Griner (Sire Owner):                    Dame Owner Signature:


____________________________                   _________________________




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